Sound Booster

Sound Booster - Indispensable Mac Sound App

Sound Booster is a simple yet powerful app for an enhanced audio experience on your Mac.

Sound Booster works seamlessly in the background, focusing on the following three major features with the help of an optional component:

  • Boosting the volume of all apps on your mac
  • System-wide equalizer
  • Changing the volume of individual apps to your liking

In addition, you can add apps to the Excluded Apps list to automatically switch Sound Booster on or off depending on the currently active application.

Once you try Sound Booster, you'll wonder how you ever went without it! Combining the best features of several audio modification apps on the Mac, Sound Booster is the only app you need to get everything you want out of your Mac audio experience.


Download Sound Booster Lite (FREE)

Note: if you are looking for the latest version of Sound Booster Driver, please click here. For the Sound Booster Uninstaller, please click here.

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