Status: In Review... for 54 days?

Our app, Ultimate Mafia - Real World Land Wars has been in review for 54 days now. This is the amount of time it has taken from the last update we made to the submission, so the queue has not been reset and this is the amount of time it is taking for a single iteration of an Apple Reviewer to look at our app.

We have emailed Apple on multiple occasions, all of which were met with generic canned responses, and calls to them were redirected to the email address.

Is this experience normal? If all the app developers were aware of this from the very beginning, would they still make the decision to spend months after months of their hard work developing for the App Store?

PS. our other app, Winning 888, took approximately 42 days to be approved.


  1. CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS November 29, 2018 8:41 am

    Its time to update & bring this game back!

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